L’Auberge Lake Charles Casino Hotel in Lake Charles, LA

A fantastic Craps experience at the L'auberge Casino Resort (Lake Charles, Louisiana)

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I love craps soooo much. It is the game I spend perhaps 80% of my time at the casino playing... I just can't seem to stay away from the excitement of flying dice. I do spend a few hours here and there playing poker, and then some slots or video poker for some shits and giggles, but that's really beside the point.
My greatest experience with Craps I would like to share with you all tonight occurred just about a day ago at the time of this writing; everything unfolded around the crack of midnight (CST) on the 19th of November. The shooter to the right of me had just seven'd out, so it was now my turn to shoot. I was a bit disappointed to see that right after the seven out, the entire other half of the table had suddenly up and vanished... leaving it to just me and two others to my right (I was on the far left of the table from the stickman's perspective).
I had a pretty routine coming out... rolled a point but alas I forget which one. Here's where things get interesting, though - right after my come out, this big white dude just comes waltzing in with his black ($100), purple ($500), and orange ($1,000) chips, settles himself on the exact opposite side of the table, and drops two or three black chips right on hard 8.
You can imagine what happens next - I roll his pair of 4s immediately after his last-minute bet! I was in utter disbelief. He, I, and the player next to me generated as much of an uproar as three dudes could handle, which naturally caused some lurkers nearby to come flowing right in to make the game lively once more. I remember his words exactly: "Boom, THAT'S how you start the night!!" In fact, he was so excited about the roll that he went and tossed me a black chip right across the table... needless to say I greatly appreciated the goodwill!!
With a sudden surge of positive vibes and energy, I became increasingly eager to shoot some more and win people some more money. I like to think the positive mindset helped in some way because my following rolls got some players some nice place money, and, while deftly avoiding the big red, I managed to roll my point, and was getting ready to come out again. At this point the big white dude was solidly up - no doubt from the many different sources of income I had generated for him with his $100+ place bets and $25 pass line + $200-$400 odds bet ($15 minimum bet and 20x odds table). I wish I could tell exactly how much he was up, but the player next to me told me that he was being smart by chipmunking away some of his winnings in his pocket as he won them.
Anyway, I put my standard $15 on the pass line, while the big white dude decided on another major center bet - $100 horn high ace-deuce for himself, $25 horn high ace-deuce for the dealers, and finally $25 horn high ace-deuce for the shooter... me! I thought there was no way I could fulfill yet another absurdly risky bet, especially after hitting his monster hard 8 earlier... but as you might guess, I toss the dice once more and they in fact came up ace-deuce, just as he ordered them!! The table absolutely ERUPTED - it seemed that several other players followed suit with the big white dude's betting habits due to how well he was doing. It was all so unbelievable - so unbelievable in fact, that if I didn't know any better, I would have thought I was playing a part in a craps-related movie, because everything that unfolded thus far indeed felt like it was all straight out of a movie. Because honestly, how often do you get to see someone call a 1/36 or 1/18 probability roll and have it show up mere seconds later?
So by rolling the ace-deuce, I lost my pass line bet, but of course I didn't care - I just won $135 because of the horn high ace-deuce bet the big white dude made for me. As if his previous gesture of goodwill wasn't enough, he went and tossed me yet another black chip... and then several seconds later, another one for good measure. I would never have imagined that I would have rolled so well to have made $300 come not from Craps winnings, but from one man's insanely generous tipping instead.
It was at this point that I was stowing away some chips in my pocket as well - I had come to the table with $300 in the red, but after my relatively hot shooting and the man's sheer philanthropy, I was now instead around $300 in the black. I proceed to roll some more as usual, and it was not too long afterwards that the man decided on yet another major bet - several hundred dollars on hard 8, and several hundred dollars hopping the 8s. As if to emphasize the fact that history often repeats itself, the hard 8 came up yet again!!! Boom, 30-to-1 on his $100 hop bet and 9-to-1 on his several hundreds of dollars' hard 8 bet, earning him a sick payout of around 5 or 6 grand. He threw me another black chip because why not.
Seeing as how I managed to roll 2 hard 8s for him almost seemingly on demand, he turned the stakes up a huge notch and put north of $1,000 once again on the hard 8. My memory seems to like recalling very specific things, because I also recall these words exactly: "If this comes in... you're getting PAID." I have never wanted a specific dice combination to come up so badly. I wanted him to win a staggering 10 grand because I'm sure anyone would agree with me when I say it takes balls to bet four figures on a 9-to-1 bet.
Alas... it wasn't meant to be. The next roll came up 4-3, and thus I finally 7'd out after what felt like 30 minutes of solid shooting. If only that 3 did a complete 180... ah I suppose I can only leave that up to my imagination now.
The party didn't stop there, however - it was now the big white dude's turn to shoot. Whenever I'm feeling particularly frisky, I like to bet 5-5-5 on Bonus Craps in addition to my $15 pass line bet. It seemed only fair to have faith in this man since he had so much faith in me - thus, I tossed 3 red chips on the table and didn't think much of it (since the bet obviously loses the vast majority of the time). He immediately comes out with a 7, making my net result for that roll a push - but I didn't sweat it since I was doing very well so far. Afterwards he then declared that that's the last 7 we'll ever see.
True to his word, he became quite the hot shooter himself and started making short work of the Bonus Craps board, filling in numbers while also making his points. He eventually came to be one away from the All Tall board - one Yoleven and the 34-to-1 payout was ours. Just like magic, he soon enough rolled the fateful Yo, giving almost everyone some sweet payouts in multiples of $170 depending on how many red chips they put at stake - I put $5, some others put $10 or $15, and the big white dude himself of course did the maximum - $25. $850 for him, just like that. I was admittedly already satisfied enough to have won $170 since that was the first time I had ever actually won a Bonus Craps bet.
You can of course probably see where this is going as well... as if big red didn't exist whatsoever, he continued to make progress towards the All Small board until it came down to one number remaining once again - ace-deuce. It seemed like the stars aligned for this moment since it felt like more than just pure coincidence that we should both end up needing the magical ace-deuce at two different points in our session. You know what they say - what goes around comes around! As I managed to roll an ace-deuce for him earlier, this time I got to momentarily stand in his shoes as I stood and witnessed him toss the dice in our direction, with the the dice settling face up with three pips combined!! I didn't think it would happen, but it was official... he went and Made 'em All!!! The ace-deuce result absolutely BLEW the roof of this casino floor. We all rejoiced, I embraced the player next to me with the knowledge of just having won $1,045 on a $10 bet, and the big white dude, as smug as he deserved to be, stood nodding with his arms extended outward for coming through with the ace-deuce. Something about this man... in addition to accurately calling the result of some of my crucial dice rolls, he was able to do just about the same for his own shooting. Needless to say, this moment has been the absolute peak of my experience with Craps thus far, and I am simply thrilled to have had the privilege to have been a part of this fantastic table.
As a little cherry on top, he finally 7'd out one or two rolls after the Bonus Craps bets were paid, giving us all a little reminder that big red does indeed exist... but of course it's better that it happened after the Bonus Craps payout!
The dice spent just about an hour in the hands of me and the big white dude's combined... I don't know if I'll ever get to experience such an amazing session again. After staying for another shooter, and of course, watching him 7 out soon after, I tip the dealers a green and finally ask to color up. I take all the blacks and greens out of my pocket and they conveniently added up to two orange chips exactly. At the start of the session, I had dropped $100 on the table to receive 20 reds... which meant that the session yielded a fabulous $1,900 profit. I was $300 in the red when I came to the table; the $1,900 session profit turned that right around and put me $1,600 in the black. It is a greater profit than I could have ever imagined possible with my conservative betting habits (I only ever bring $1,000 to the casino and usually make small bets ranging from $15-30 at the Craps table, $50+ if I'm feeling particularly lucky or tilty, while buying in for the $100 minimum (or close to it) at the poker table. I wish I could say that I kept the entire $1,600 profit, but, being that I was so far ahead, I decided to have fun and explore the rest of the casino for a bit. Played a slot machine (Jumpin' Jalapenos) and video poker (Deuces Wild) and lost $100 combined, but I didn't really sweat that loss all that much. Went right back to the craps table and gave back another $165 before I decided enough was enough.
Overall, I came into the casino with $1,000 and left with $2,335 for a $1,335 profit. For a bit of perspective, I had only visited the casino twice beforehand as I had just recently turned 21, and the two previous trips ended up +$350 and +$60, respectively. This trip obviously blew the previous two out of the water. I'm excited to know that if/when I go again in the near future, I'll be playing purely with house money, which should hopefully make the experience even more fun and enjoyable. Because that's really what I want to try to make the experience all about - more about having fun and less about trying to come out ahead (though of course it's awesome if/when it does happen).
TL;DR: I was at the craps table and was preparing to shoot when a big white dude comes in to shake things up. He bets several hundred dollars on hard 8 - I roll the hard 8 immediately afterwards. He tosses me a black chip to thank me for what I'm sure felt like an instant pay day! Later, he bets horn high ace-deuce three-way - $100 for himself, $25 for the dealers and $25 for myself. The ace-deuce comes in immediately afterwards, as if to grant all our wishes! He tossed me two black chips this time! Later he bets on hard 8 once again, but this time with a $300 hop bet on all the 8s to go with it. Rolled yet another hard 8... as if by demand! Tosses me yet another black chip, as if the first three were not enough! He then proceeds to make the biggest bet I have seen at a craps table - $1,000+ once again on hard 8. I wish I could have made it happen, but alas, it came up 4-3. Thus, I was finally done shooting, so now it was his turn to decide all our fates. I did a 5-5-5 Bonus Craps on a whim, unaware of just how much it would mean later on... he proceeds to win the All Tall bet by rolling a Yo, which got me a sweet $170 payout. As if it wasn't enough, he soon ended up being 1 number away from Makin' Em All - the ace-deuce. I rolled the ace-deuce for him once, so I thought it just might be possible that he'd be able to return the favor. Sure enough, I got to witness the fateful 1-2 show up, which meant we all won our All Small and Make 'Em All bets. Almost everyone at the table won this 34-to-1 and 175-to-1 payout... I was awarded an additional $1,045 for this $10 bet! I started at this table by dropping a $100 bill and proceeded to turn it into two $1,000 orange chips, which of course meant a $1,900 session profit. I was overall $300 in the red when I came to the table - thanks to everything that unfolded at the table, I left with $1,600 in the black. I gave back $265 to slots, video poker, and a little more craps afterwards, but honestly I didn't sweat that loss all that much since it was house money after all. By far the best Craps experience I've ever had, and if nothing else, I would love nothing more than to once again enjoy the positive spirit and camaraderie that the Craps table was overflowing with that night.
TL;DR the TL;DR: Hit hard 8, ace-deuce, and finally hard 8 again for this big white dude. Wins perhaps around 8-10 grand with those bets and tosses me 4 black chips because of it, which of course I greatly appreciated. I finally seven out, he starts shooting, but not before I do 5-5-5 on Bonus Craps... he first finishes the All Tall with a Yo for $170, then was an ace-deuce away from Small/All... soon enough, ACE-DEUCE!!! Got an additional $1,045 for that $10 bet. Walked away with 2 orange ($1,000) chips after buying in for only $100. $300 in the red turned into $1,600 in the black, then $1,335 in the black after giving some of it back to the casino lol. The greatest Craps night I’ve ever had.
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